What Do I Need To Do


If a death has occurred and you need immediate attention, please call us at 201-343-7900

These helpful steps will answer a lot of your questions about what you need to do now.


  • 1.Choose Bergen Cremation Service

    After you have spoken with our staff, please notify the facility, hospice, or police officer that you will be entrusting Bergen Cremation Service with your loved one’s final arrangements and provide their staff with our phone number  201-343-7900. They will need to contact us to let us know that your loved one is ready to be transferred into our care.

    When we receive the call, we will ask these questions:

    • Full name of the deceased
    • Location where death occurred, is the decedent still at this location?
    • Date and time of death.
    • The name of the next of kin, the relationship to the deceased and contact information.
    • The name and phone number of the doctor who will be certifying the death certificate.
  • 2.Sign up for an account
    on our website

    Sign Up

    Go to www.bergencremationservice.com

    • Click on “Complete Cremation Arrangements Now.”
    • Click on “New User”
    • Provide your name, eMail, and Password
    • Then, click “Sign Up.”
    • You will receive a verification email. Once you verify your email, you will be directed to log into your account.
  • 3.Start Cremation

    Select “Start Cremation Arrangements” in your online dashboard and provide death certificate information.

    The following Vital Statistics (of the deceased) will be needed to complete arrangements:

    • Full legal name
    • Home Address
    • Social Security Number
    • Date of Birth
    • Place of Birth (city/town, state or foreign country)
    • Date of Death
    • Place of Death (address/facility name, city/town, county)
    • Legal Marital Status
    • Father’s Name
    • Mother’s Maiden Name
    • Veteran’s Discharge Papers (DD-214) if applicable
    • Highest level of education completed at the time of death
  • 4.Choose

    This section will display the included alternative container which is required by law for all cremations, as well as the three urn options that are available. You will be able to select the color of the urn, as well as any additional services you would like, such as shipping or delivery of ashes.

  • 5.Review &
    Make Payment

    Here, you will review your selections and provide payment. Upon completion of this process, we will be notified of your arrangement details and will immediately arrange for the transportation of your loved one into our care.

    We will contact you if we need additional information. Please contact us if you have any questions by calling 201-343-7900.

    Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your loved one. Please know that we are here for you during this difficult time.