Direct Cremation

If a loved one’s death is imminent, you probably have a lot of questions about our services. Bergen Cremation Service offers “Direct Cremation” to the families that we serve. When choosing direct cremation (also referred to as simple cremation or basic cremation), you should understand this is the most basic and least expensive cremation option offered by any cremation service provider.  Direct cremation only involves the minimal care services and does not involve a public viewing or memorial service. We do not offer Memorial Services; but, we can recommend local partners for memorial services, flowers, cards, and other services.

  • Steps involved in the direct cremation process

    1. When a person passes away, you must notify Bergen Cremation Service by calling 201-343-7900. We MUST be notified of the passing before you begin making online arrangements.

    2. Bergen Cremation Service transports the deceased individual from the place of death to the crematory.

    3. The family completes all necessary paperwork using our online cremation arrangement system and signs all necessary documents, such as the cremation authorization, release authorization, and contract.

    4. Upon arrival at the crematory, the deceased is placed into an alternative container and placed under refrigeration. The use of an alternative container and refrigeration are required by law and are included in our price for direct cremation.

    5. State law enforces a 48-hour waiting period before cremation can take place, during which time, the Medical Examiner must approve the cremation. The fee for the Medical Examiner’s approval (if applicable) varies by county.

    6. Once the paperwork is completed, payment has been secured, and the 48-hour waiting period has passed, the cremation will take place.

    7. Once the cremation has taken place, the cremated remains are placed in the urn that you have selected and are either mailed or hand-delivered to the family.

  • Direct Cremation with Bergen Cremation Service

    Our $1195.00 Direct Cremation Includes:
    • Transporting your loved one from the place of death to our crematory
    • Basic alternative container used for cremation
    • Refrigeration
    • Securing all authorizations, filing of the death certificate, and notifying Social Security
    • Cremation
    • Temporary urn
  • Please note that, in some instances, additional charges may apply. Here are some examples of additional charges, most of which are optional.
    • Medical examiner cremation approval fee (If required, this charge varies per county and therefore, cannot be part of our package pricing.)
    • Certified death certificates (This charge varies per county and therefore, cannot be part of our package pricing. You may select the number of death certificates that you need before finalizing arrangements.)
    • Shipping cremains
    • Any additional merchandise or services that you select
    • Newspaper notices/obituaries